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This is - a great alternative to a simple squat, since the load anavar for sale is shifted to the side of the knee, the lower part of the quadriceps. Compared with conventional and Smith-squat, removed some of the load from the back, but very heavy knee joints.

Technique squats Gakkenshmidt: Located conveniently on-Gak car back fully pressed to the back, feet shoulder width apart in the upper third of the platform. They lowered pens and harnesses descend down until the thighs are parallel to the platform. From the lower position pushes himself up to the starting position. At the top point during squats Gakkenshmidt legs not fully straighten, so as not to overload the knees, delayed and repeated movement.

Lunges - exercise for the legs.

This exercise is usually used to separate study legs, and allows you to concentrate on each individually. These exercises do not allow a stronger side to perform most of the work.

Technique of this exercise for the legs: not hoisted a heavy barbell on the shoulders like a normal squat. Send from the racks back a few steps, stood up straight, feet pushed together. They made ​​a long step forward and go down as long as the knee front legs do not bend at 90 degrees. It should be just above the foot. Hind leg knee should almost touch the floor. The torso during exercise for the legs keep upright, we do not tilt forward. From the bottom position pushes himself back so the front foot to return to the starting position. We do the same with the other leg. Repeat the movement alternately a number of times.

Leg extension in the machine - an integral part of training.

Unlike all the previous exercises, this movement only anavar for sale occurs in one joint and load only the quadriceps. Aid from the buttocks or thigh biceps here you do not get. When loading the quads so that you reach a very high degree of localization. Since the torso during a leg extension in the machine is stationary, the exercise is carried out quite easily, and can be used for a separate study of the legs. When loading each leg separately, you can bring both of the quadriceps to the point of exhaustion.

Technique leg extension in the machine: got into the machine leg extensions, took the handles on the sides of the seat. Adjust the position of a footrest so that it was slightly above the ankle.Smooth and lift the leg up until it stops. Linger on a bit, then slowly lower the weight to the starting position. Repeat the movement, without dropping the weight on the support. This constant stress significantly increases the load.

leg curls on a machine and other loads.

Localization of the biceps bedra.Tehnika performance: fell on the machine for bending the legs, took the handles on the sides. Adjust the position of a footrest so that it accounted for just above the Achilles tendon. Bend your legs and lift the leg up to the formation of an angle of 90 degrees to the floor (not on foot throws). Linger on a bit, then slowly lower the weight to the starting position. Leg curls repeat.

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